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  • Environment

Pennsy Supply puts its focus on environmental stewardship.

Pennsy Supply, Inc. is committed to environmental stewardship, serving our customers and conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner. We are committed to conducting business while maintaining a focus on the following:

  • Define potential impacts to the environment and identify applicable environmental regulations
  • Comply with all applicable environmental legislation and seek opportunities to exceed the regulatory requirements through the implementation of industry best practices.
  • Ensure that employees and contractors are aware of their environmental responsibilities.
  • Optimize our use of resources through efficiency gains and recycling.
  • Promote environmentally-driven product and process innovation.
  • Be good neighbors to the communities in which we operate.

Pennsy Supply, Inc., when constructing facilities, analyzes noise and air pollution and considers the visual impact for the surrounding community.

Pennsy Supply, Inc. is a leader in recycling.

We recycle used inert materials in our production processes using materials that would otherwise go to landfills.

  • Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) & Recycled Asphalt Shingles (RAS) - Reduces demand on petroleum, virgin asphalt cement, as well as aggregate, while improving properties of hot mixed asphalt.
  • Fly-Ash - A by-product from power generation is used as a raw material in ready mix concrete products.

Pennsy Supply, Inc. has developed post-mining reclamation plans for all our aggregate quarries.

Pennsy Supply, Inc. recognizes that climate change is a major challenge and is committed to playing its part in developing practical solutions. The following are some of the approaches Pennsy Supply, Inc. is taking towards reducing CO2 emissions:

  • Reducing power consumption
  • Investing in new state-of-the art production plants
  • Optimizing hot mixed asphalt plant operations
  • Using recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) & recycled asphalt shingles (RAS)
  • Optimizing transportation of products to reduce fuel consumption, correspondingly reducing emissions
  • Incorporating warm mix asphalt technology

Pennsy Supply, Inc. is pioneering the production of Warm-mix Asphalt. Warm-mix Asphalt was developed to lower the production and placement temperature of traditional hot-mix asphalt. The result is a reduction of fuel consumption as well as a reduction in emissions, in addition to the ability to increase the amount of recycled asphalt pavement materials. Warm-mix technologies are contributing to a much "greener" production of asphalt mixtures. Compared with traditional Hot-mix Asphalt, Warm-mix Asphalt reduces the overall amount of greenhouse gases emitted:


Reduction of other plant emissions:


Pennsy Supply, Inc. also produces “Porous Hot-mix Asphalt” and “Porous Cement Concrete”, which allows rain water to move through the pavement and into a rock layer placed below the pavement.