Quality construction materials are at the core of Pennsy Supply!
  • Asphalt

    Pennsy supply offers an extensive variety of asphalt Superpave courses for commercial construction, infrastructure development and residential building.

  • Ready Mixed Concrete
    Ready Mixed Concrete

    Pennsy Supply produces concrete for every application ... major highways, bridgedecks, residential home foundations, sidewalks and patios. Every year, Pennsy produces more than 400,000 cubic yards of concrete for commercial and residential use.

  • Aggregate

    Pennsy Supply is the leading producer of aggregate in Central Pennsylvania. Our quality stone product is used in many construction type projects.

  • Community

    Last year's efforts proved to bring such mutual satisfaction, that the collaboration between Pennsy Supply and CATRA has continued into 2014. Thank you, CATRA, for joining hands in partnership with Pennsy Supply. Pennsy employees have learned that volunteering gifts and talents has never been so fun or rewarding.

  • Paving

    Pennsy Supply provides asphalt paving services to the commercial, industrial, residential municipal and state markets, offering milling, overlay and resurfacing using their award-winning, high-grade asphalt mixes.

  • Safety

    Pennsy Supply is committed to the highest standard of safety at every location, incorporating safety measures into every aspect of Pennsy facilities, practices and planning. The company has been recognized at the local, regional and national levels for its exemplary safety practices.

  • Sand

    With the largest sand and gravel production facilities and capabilities in the region, Pioneer Materials produces more than 600,000 tons of sand and gravel each year for Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania applications.

Pennsy Supply is the leading manufacturer of aggregate, sand, asphalt and concrete throughout the North and Central Regions of Pennsylvania providing materials for commercial construction, infrastructure development and residential building. Pennsy Supply, Inc. is a part of CRH, the leading leading vertically integrated supplier of crushed aggregates, asphalt, ready mix concrete and paving services in the United States.

Serving the region for more than 90 years, Pennsy Supply operates over 15 asphalt plants, 12 aggregate quarries, 3 sand sites and 6 ready mix concrete plants. In addition to providing professional paving services, we are dedicated to manufacturing quality aggregate, sand, asphalt and ready mix concrete.